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Commercial Window Cleaning Bluebird Services Santa Barbara

Commercial Window Cleaning

Keep your place of business looking sharp with clean windows. We work with our customers to build a schedule that fits your building’s needs while staying within your budget. We offer everything from large facility to office window cleaning.

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Residential Window Cleaning Bluebird Service Santa Barbara

Residential Window Cleaning

We believe your home is your sanctuary and clean windows help you enjoy it. We offer hand washing by trained professional. We will clean your glass, window frames and wipe down your screens.

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Day Porter Services Bluebird Service Santa Barbara

Day Porter Service

Have peace of mind knowing you have someone on site during the day to clean up the mess and keep things looking clean and professional. Our day porters are there to help your facility look its best.

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Pressure Washing Bluebird Service Santa Barbara

Pressure Washing

Commercial and residential pressure washing is a quick way to clean up the exterior and renew any dull or dirty building. We clean roofs, walls, and sidewalks, and make sure cobwebs and mildew don’t build up. Make your space look brand new at a fraction of the cost.

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Gutter & Roof Cleaning Bluebird Services Santa Barbara

Gutter and Roof Cleaning

A clean roof will help with the longevity of your home. We don’t get a lot of rain here in Southern California but when we do it comes hard. Clean gutters and downspouts let the water go where it is supposed to and avoid flooding or overflow that can cause damage to your home or business. We collect the debris into bags to keep it from getting on your landscape.

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BlueBird window cleaning was excellent to work with. Graham, the owner, came over and gave us an estimate on cleaning our windows, gutters, and solar panels to improve their efficiency. His estimate was fair and we hired him. Then, imagine our surprise, when he ended up charging us less than his estimate. He had the integrity to tell us that the amount of work ended up being less than what he estimated. That’s the type of integrity that’s rare to find in the business world. We will he hiring BlueBird window cleaning the next time we have a need!
Daniel Zia