Santa Barbara Day Porter Service

Day Porter Service

Is Your Business Busy?

Not all professional cleaning occurs in the night or during off-hours. Day porter services are typically performed during busy times. Porters work in and around the public, monitoring both cleanliness and safety.

What are Porter Services?

High traffic areas have unique cleaning needs. Our porter services include everything necessary to keep your business running smoothly throughout the day. Common porter services include:

Porters play a specialized role. Not only must porters understand the specifics of their duties, but they must also be experts in customer service. BlueBird porters are friendly and helpful. They’ll be able to answer common questions, give directions and generally provide customer service functions.

Our porters will be thoroughly trained for your business. As much as possible, we’ll keep the same team of porters at your location so they’ll be able to build up specific expertise over time.

Types of

  • Schools & Churches
  • Apartment complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Post-Construction Sites
  • Showrooms
  • Theaters
  • Banks
  • Country Clubs & Resorts
  • Post Offices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factories and Industrial Building
  • Casinos
  • Sport Facilities
  • Medical Groups
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Hotel
  • Transportation Company
  • Airports

Common Locations for Day Porter Services

Retail Stores

General cleaning, maintenance, and product replacement services are very common in stores both large and small.


Commercial offices typically require general cleaning, restroom management, and minor repair services.

Hotels and Motels

Lobby coverage, floor cleaning, and restroom maintenance are often key services provided here.

Arenas, Convention Centers, Event Venues

Whether your venue offers space for events, conferences, or entertainment you know how crucial it is to keep up with all the foot traffic and usage of your facilities to give the best impression to all attendees and hosts.

Food Courts

Garbage removal, spill management, and floor cleaning are the three most common services needed in any food service area.

Transportation Sites

From private to public airports, bus stations, train stations, transportation hubs, they all need to maintain a clean image and keep up with health and safety regulations.

Porter services help keep your location clean, safe and well-maintained even when packed with customers. Our public-facing team of porters is able to provide excellent customer service combined with cleaning and preventative maintenance.

We provide services for basically any type of organization or location regardless of size. Porters are often the unseen heroes of business. 

BlueBird Services Window Cleaners


I met Graham when he walked into my showroom and introduced himself. His professional and gracious manner convinced me to try his window washing service. He first cleaned the windows at my home and did such a great job I then asked him to clean the windows at my showroom. My showroom is adjacent to the 101 freeway and Graham cleaned all the windows along the freeway side of the building. They now sparkle! His pricing was great and he was prompt and courteous with all my employees and customers. I highly recommend BlueBird Window Cleaning and am sure you will be beyond satisfied.
Hugh Hayward