Santa Barbara COVID-19 Office Cleaning

COVID-19 Office Cleaning

Cleaning For Coronoavirus and COVID-19

BlueBird offers deep cleaning and sanitization for offices and businesses to make sure your employees and customers feel safe.

Cleaning and disinfection have never been more important than they are right now. It is our duty to keep your work place disinfected so you can focus on what matters. We train our people to eliminate all germs and utilize best practices as described by the CDC to ensure our work is consistently effective

First, we clean any dirty or soiled surfaces with all purpose cleaner. Then, we immediately use EPA approved disinfectant and re-clean the surface while letting it sit for up to 10 minutes to insure disinfecting has killed all germs.

BlueBird Services Window Cleaners


BlueBird window cleaning was excellent to work with. Graham, the owner, came over and gave us an estimate on cleaning our windows, gutters, and solar panels to improve their efficiency. His estimate was fair and we hired him. Then, imagine our surprise, when he ended up charging us less than his estimate. He had the integrity to tell us that the amount of work ended up being less than what he estimated. That’s the type of integrity that’s rare to find in the business world. We will he hiring BlueBird window cleaning the next time we have a need!
Daniel Zia